Our Daily Work

I’ve been in Kenya for a month. I am very happy to meet many friends here. During this month, Wenjing and I were preparing for sensory evaluation. We met Eunice, Monica and Maureen at JKUAT. Eunice is a master student in food and nutrition. Monica and Maureen are also undergraduates in food and nutrition. During this month, we worked together and ran several simulations of sensory evaluation and sample preparation several times. We met some challenges in making samples, but we all did well and solved these problems. I think we are a very good team, and I am very proud.

My team

In this program, we do sensory evluation on probiotic mango juice, probiotic pineapple juice, probiotic orange juice, probiotic Uji, probiotic yogurt.

probiotic Uji, probiotic yogurt, and probiotic orange juice

Our daily life is also very happy and full of small surprises.

A little cat came into the Fiti kitchen
Sleeping in the Fiti kitchen
Sleeping in the Fiti kitchen

Last but not least, Wenjing has completed her internship. She left Kenya this Friday. We have had a very pleasant cooperation this month. Thank you for this happy time!

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