Student Population Statistic!

We got the ethical approval from the Kenyan side last week. We can formally start preparing our experimental work. This is really exciting.

After discussing with the professor, we plan to conduct stratified sampling. Among the different students, random sampling was conducted according to the proportion of the number of people. However, because it is in the summer session now, many college students have already taken a vacation or started an internship. The first step we need to do is to do statistics on the number of students in session. I went to the departments of each college to do statistics.

I got a introductory letter from department of food and nutrition. When I went to the department office information from various professions, they understand my background and know that I have obtained approval from the college.

The entire process of collecting information takes more than a week. The college staffs are very nice. Even if they don’t have the information, they are happy to take me to other offices to find this information.

It’s a little regrettable that during the summer vacation, there is no way to include all the colleges in JKUAT. But we still have enough student population in session now. Of the five colleges, there are still three colleges that are still in session. We will have enough students population!

We have collected the data now. The next step is to recruit participants and prepare our study.

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