Market Investigation

Today’s task is to investigate fruit varieties, and the brands of millet and milk. Before sensory evaluation, we need to identify the types of fruits in Kenya, and then synchronize them with Tanzania site. Based on affordability, accessibility, taste and nutrition, we will determine the fruit varieties and brands of millet and milk used for sensory evaluation

In Kenya, we can buy fruits in open markets, supermarkets and local stores. Chatting with the local people, I learned that they usually go to open markets and local stores to buy fruit, and the price is more acceptable. Today, I went to these three places to investigate.

It is an off-season for fruits now. There are not many kinds of fruits in particular.

However, there are many brands of milk here:


I also went to see if there were probiotic yogurt in the supermarket. Unexpectedly, there is only one brand of probiotic yogurt in JUJA City Mall. This also means that probiotic yogurt has great market potential here.

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