The First Sensory Evaluation!

Today, we held our first sensory evaluation at JKUAT.

I arrived at the laboratory layout site at 8:00 am and move the questionnaires, consent forms and other stuffs to the venue in advance. After that, I had a brief meeting with our student group, to emphasize the points that should be paid attention to in the experiment. Then we measured the room temperature, the sample temperature and put the sample in the thermos and then carried it to the laboratory.

The experiment officially began at 9:30. Before the experiment, we assumed that the response rate was 15%, and we have distributed about 500 flyers. In fact, the response rate was more than 15% on that day. Considering that I am a foreigner and I may bring bias to the experiment, I stayed in the next room during the experiment and did not appear in the experiment, so I did not take any pictures.

In the experiment, Eunice acted as community expert to guide participants to complete the experiment. The laboratory can accommodate 14 people for each trial, and each trial takes an average of 20 minutes. The whole experiment took six hours and it went smoothly.

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