The Second Sensory Evaluation!

Today we have our second sensory evaluation in Sub-county Treasury office.

I came to this office a week before the experiment. They were very enthusiastic to help me. We decided to conduct experiment in an open space near the office gate. It is convenient for passers-by to find our experiment site, and it can accommodate more participants. I rented some large tables from the grocery store to make sure there was enough room for participants.

Similar to the first test, Eunice acted as a community expert. She guided the participants to fill out the questionnaires. Maureen and Monicah acted as assistants. They will also explain the question in Swahili when the participants don’t understand it. The whole experiment took seven hours and it went very smoothly.

So far, my internship is coming to the end. I will leave on August 15th. The rest of the work is uploading data, summarizing and writing reports. I can’t believe I’ve been here for three months. I’ve met many interesting friends and been helped by many people. In the past three months, I have experienced many difficulties and I also encountered many amazing things. I learned a lot from this internship. I believe I won’t forget this wonderful experience.

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